Tactical I Pistol Training Class

Why more training? Because:
According to FBI statistics, almost 95 percent of officer-involved shootings (OISs) occur at 21 feet or less, with approximately 75 percent occurring at 10 feet or less. It is also a fact that well over half of all OISs occur at 5 feet or less. With this being said, how much actual cover can there be between you and the felon who is trying to take your life? 

You will need to have a pistol belt, an outside the waistband holster with at least a level II or III retention, and at least 2, but preferably 3 magazines, hearing protection, a baseball type hat and eye protection.  

Tactical I Pistol Training Class

  • 600 rounds of ammunition
  • Learn how to safely and effective draw from a holster
  • Engage multiple threats effectively
  • proper magazine changes
  • Reinforce the basics of the Marksmanship Class
  • Begin moving from Static shooting to Dynamic shooting (move and shoot) scenarios

What to do after the gun battle is over

Price is $140 dollars. Class size is limited to 6.  Special arrangements can be made to accommodate larger groups. 

Tactical II Pistol Training Class

Why take the Tactical II Pistol class? Because:
Nationally, the average hit ratio for law enforcement officers, standing static shooting at a paper target, is 90-plus percent. Yet when an officer becomes involved in an officer involved shooting, our hit ratio is somewhere around 12 to 18 percent.

You will need to have a pistol belt, an outside the waistband holster with at least a level II or III retention, and at least 2, but preferably 3 magazines, hearing protection, a baseball type hat and eye protection.  ​

Tactical II Pistol Training Class

  • 600 rounds of ammunition
  • Student will learn to shoot from behind cover
  • Learn the difference between cover and concealment
  • Shooting from inside a car
  • Shoot accurately while running
  • Drawing and Shooting from a seated position
  • Point or indexed shooting
  • Shooting from laying on the ground, on back and sides
  • Plus disarming techniques

Class is limited to 6 people.  Call to reserve your training spot now.   Special accommodations may be made for larger groups

Price is $140.00 per pupil 

Pistol Licensing Classes

Conceal Carry Classes/ Open Carry Classes are held every Saturday of each month.  New price for 2017 is $60
Special arrangements may be made for Sunday Classes but the cost will be $70 per student with a minimum of 5 students.

  • Bring, 50 rounds of ammunition, and a semi automatic pistol
  • ID card, baseball hat, eye and hearing protection.  LADIES, no low cut blouses please, ejected brass could easily find its way down your shirt and burn things that should not be burned.
  • You may rent a gun for 20 dollars which includes the price of the ammunition, but as ammo prices rise, so might this rental fee
  • Price for this standard Saturday Class is 60 dollars.  
  • DISABLED VETS WITH PROOF OF DISABILITY are only $30 dollars.  The Freedom Ranch Salutes our Veterans!
  • Classes start at 9 am   Please arrive early 10 to 15 minutes early to get checked in and bring ID. 
  • I also do private in home licensing classes, price is $60 per student with a minimum of 2 students.
  • For a limited time, I will be giving away a tactical self defense ink pen, this is a $40 dollar value (at the NRA website)  They make great gifts too.   

Class Information

Low Light, No Light Training Class 


Over 70% of all self defense shootings happen in low light or NO LIGHT situations.  Plinking at cans in the middle of a sunny day is NOT training (it is fun) in this class you will learn"

How to effectively use your threat illuminator,

You will learn the benefits and draw backs of strobe lights

You will shoot in total darkness using your flashlight

You will learn the different ways to hold the flashlight so you do not give away your position

We  will review what to say on the 911 call and what to say when the police arrive.

50 rounds of ammunition will be required. 

For a limited time I will be supplying a FREE tactical flashlight to every student. 

Price is $60 dollars, it is an evening class, I do require at least 2 people for a class.  Class size is not limited, groups are welcome

Because the bad guy wont give you time to load, 
time to get a good sight picture, time to win the fight. There are NO timeouts or Re-do's if your gun jams, or fails.

Don't let the bad guy win!


Marksmanship Classes

Marksmanship class, must bring 600 rounds of ammo, 9 mm or up, as smaller calibers have inherent problems and would slow the class down.   

Class starts at 9 am and is a one day class, the prices is $140 dollars. Bring eye and hearing protection and a semi automatic handgun. All fundamentals will be taught, drilled and reinforced in a safe environment.   This class is offered on an as requested basis.  I do offer a 50% money back guarantee on all my advanced classes if you believe you have not learned as much as you should have.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED however you will not be allowed to enroll in any higher level of classes that I offer.